Conan the Barbarian RPG

The Tale Thus Far

The unlikely band of Protagonists meet at the crossroads of the mining and logging camp of Muskeg. Rhana Chunder and Khunt Khan make their way upriver after the barge refuses to ply further into the murky and diseased water. Vin Corvo the hunter emerges from the East with rumors of a hunt just as the brave Kush (as fuck) warrior Shabatku strides from the Northern Pict Wilderness weary from months of bounty hunting.

After they exchange hurried introductions in Hyrkanian (an odd common language…) they clamber over the front palisades and open the gates to find the lowly plebes of Muskeg on the verge of lynching the merchants and owners over the limited water left inside the walls. Rhana Chunder offers a formal introduction that flummoxes the rural bumpkins but causes them to pause nonetheless. The presence of the (hella) Kush warrior Shabatku at his side makes for an odd pair to be found in this far-flung wilderness camp.

However, a sudden Pict raid outright slays the remaining guardsmen and frenzies the utterly confused loggers and miners. Corvo quickly dispatches several hardened Pict warrriors with remarkable Borderer remarksmanship and Khunt Khan lops the head off of a clumsy Pict in mortal combat and feasts upon the blood of the decapitated foe. As per Khunt tradition. Kush and Chunder become spear and arrow storms and shred the Pict that threaten the crowd.

However, one Pict manages to slip away unharmed as the strange new warriors try to establish order in the ragged camp. Through half-forgotten tongues and broken words, the unlikely saviors of Muskeg discover that the mine had long since gone silent; the last expedition north coincided with the pollution of the river Muskeg. All who drink die an agonizing death and the rain gods laugh with nary a squall since the summers.

“North to trouble” the man wheezes to the band of oddly united strangers. A chill wends its way across the ruined town that slips a icy finger down your spine. You cast your eyes to the nearby mountain, its peak capped with snow and bristling with thick forests of pine and fir. A worn path deeply rutted from wagons begins at the northward clearing of the logging camp.

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